If you feel like you’ve been renting an apartment for too long, don’t worry – a large portion of the population feels the same and we have the tools to help you find your own home. According to the Census Bureau, over 36% of Americans are currently renting their homes.  With the help of a great agent and a little research, you can find out if the time is right for you to buy a home.

Do you have a healthy savings account?
Financial commitment can be the scariest part of buying a home, but if you’ve been saving money and can afford to put at least 10% down, it’s time to talk to a lender.

Are you in a place to commit?
Many are concerned about the uncertainty of where they will be in a year or two.  However, if you like your job and location, there’s no reason to worry.

Is the price right?
Your trusted real estate professional can help you determine if your budget is reasonable for your needs and location.  Ultimately, you won’t know what’s available until you start looking.

Are you tired of an empty investment?
Harsh as it sounds, renting is spending thousands of dollars on something that doesn’t belong to you in the end.  Your mortgage will likely be higher than your current rent, but the home you buy is an investment in your future.